As an instructor, I aim to create a stimulating and supportive environment where students can anchor their learning into their own life experience and develop managerial and leadership skills via in- and out-of class projects.

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Organizational Behavior

HEC Paris, since 2023

Course Description:

Business leaders are faced with the increasingly daunting tasks of understanding, analyzing, and navigating the complexities of contemporary organizational life. To succeed, they constantly need to enhance employee engagement and increase individual, team, and organizational performance, by enhancing employee motivation, team dynamics, and organizational design and creating a positive and attractive work culture. This course is designed to help students gain a deep understanding of organizational processes at the individual, group, and organizational levels, and to help them develop into effective and socially responsible leaders. The theories, discussions, and activities we engage in throughout this course helps student learn to diagnose, assess, and navigate the workplace for future personal and organizational success.

The Dynamics of Leading Organizations and People

Questrom School of Business, Spring 2020

Course Description:

This course aims for students to develop self-awareness and team  skills, and to understand how to analyze and navigate the complexities of contemporary organizational life.  Students engage in active learning, case studies and a team analysis of interviews with managers.  Undergraduate level.

This class was taught both in-class and online via Zoom. 

Instructor Workshops & Seminars

To enhance my ability as an instructor, I participated in the following workshops and seminars:

Translating In-person Teaching Strategies Online - Professional Development Workshop, Boston University Center for Teaching, May 2020

The Art and Craft of Teaching - Doctoral intensive teaching seminar, Questrom School of Business, August 2018