As an instructor, I aim to create a stimulating and supportive environment where students can anchor their learning into their own life experience and develop managerial and leadership skills via in- and out-of class projects.

The Dynamics of Leading Organizations and People

Questrom School of Business, Spring 2020

Course Description:

This course aims for students to develop self-awareness and team skills, and to understand how to analyze and navigate the complexities of contemporary organizational life. Students engage in active learning, case studies and a team analysis of interviews with managers. Undergraduate level.

This class was taught both in-class and online via Zoom.

Instructor Workshops & Seminars

To enhance my ability as an instructor, I participated in the following workshops and seminars:

Translating In-person Teaching Strategies Online - Professional Development Workshop, Boston University Center for Teaching, May 2020

The Art and Craft of Teaching - Doctoral intensive teaching seminar, Questrom School of Business, August 2018

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Source: Azat Valeev, via Adobe Stock (Standard License)